Works on Paper


'It'll be alright someday'

50 x 65cm - oil and pen collage on paper

'tears still falling, got so far to go'

Oil on Paper - framed - 32.5 x 27cm 

'These frail hands. cant control the shake'

Framed 39 x 32cm - Oil on paper

'Old dear shops. husband waits rather queer'

Framed 30 x 37cm - oil on paper

'The  'Ansome of Lanner'

Framed 24 x 33cm - Oil on paper

'Let a thousand blossoms bloom'

framed 27 x 32 cm - Oil on Paper

'step by step we walk alone'

framed 38 x 30cm  - Oil on paper

'Out getting gammon'

32 x 23cm - oil and pen on paper

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