These ill fitted trousers. hold the breath to make no sound. stop giving me the silent treatment baby.

92 x 92 cm - Oil and posca on canvas.

'As we hold hands, walk through lands, the empty vessel of a man. Can't be moved'

153 x 153 cm - oil and posca on canvas.


'watch the woes as they decompose, muddy clothes and a runny nose'

132 x 132 cm - Oil and posca on canvas


'fall short most days, hang in there'

56 x 56 cm - oil and posca on canvas


'stranded in this spooky town, it's cool to cry all night'

132 x 132 cm - oil and posca on canvas


'a sea of black, beating heat on faces. smell of coconut on the lips. cracks and smoulders, clenched fists'

56 x 56cm - oil and posca on canvas.


'never make it back home with this cramp'

26 x 26cm - Oil and posca on Canvas.


Go get the cocktails, I'll wait here looking fabulous'

26 x 38.5cm - Oil and posca on canvas


'Problems drinking milk in the sunlight by the empty window '

148 x 148cm - oils and posca on Canvas.


'Please please, no time for the gossip'


148 x 148cm - oil, posca & oil Stick on canvas.


'Harbour delights in the harbour lights, stop stealing the chips'

56 x 56cm - Oil on canvas


'Beat up and dancing on the cracks in the pavement, its soothing'

72 x 72cm - Oil and posca on canvas


' oooh yeah, how does it feel to be set free'

56 x 56cm - Oil and posca on Canvas


'cloudy days and cold  doorstep patio slabs'

148 x 148cm - Oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.

© Daniel Hollings. All rights reserved 2021

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