Bloom Before Decay


'Settled for a walk through the reeds while left on read'

92 x 92cm - oil, Posca and oil stick on canvas.


'Getting grubby in the shrubbery, tops off and titties out in the bottom of the garden'

87 x 87cm - oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.


'Talking feelings, But believe me if only I could'

104 x 104cm - Oil and oil bar on canvas.


The early worm catches the dirt'

122 x 122cm - oil, posca and oil stick on canvas


Breakfast table over Celtic sparnon gate

102 x 102cm - oil, posca and oil stick  on canvas

'The Pendennis birds listen to the cries. the world pitched and bucked, we cling together, the times get harder'

148 x 148cm - oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.

'Must have done something wrong'

50 x 50cm - Oil, posca and oil stick on canvas


'Cheek tears and frayed trousers tears, the absolutely garden isn'y pretty enough'

148 x 148cm - oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.


'Gallivanting from Barry Island down to Gylly beach'

174 x 174cm - Oil, Posca and oil stick on Canvas.

(polytych - 4 Panel)


'110 metres above sea level, lower me 10 feet beneath this ground'

127 x 127cm - oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.


'Dreamy Denmark days, the love doesn't lessen by miles.'

75 x 75cm - Oil and posca on canvas.

© Daniel Hollings. All rights reserved 2021

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