'kissing star delights of summer fruits twists. Rain pours down to wash the tears away. be there waiting'

148 x 148cm - oil and posca on canvas

'Socks and sliders everywhere, everyday. the bitter still of tears'

148 x 148cm - oil and posca on canvas.

'Derelict mines to nowhere. Had the chance, we'll dance together someday'

117 x 117cm - oil and posca on canvas

'Woah woah woah. These feelings will be gone by tomorrow. sweat it'

92 x 127cm - oil and posca on canvas

'A kiss for a rose, Oh marie, Can't touch that booty'

148 x 148cm - Oil and posca on canvas

'Beautiful thoughts lost in darkness. Touch just like velvet. There's going to be good times'

184 x 92cm (diptych) - Oil on canvas


'frocks on Fridays'

76 x 76cm - Oil on canvas

'Frail hands, move in slow motion. Morning washing needs doing'

38 x 72 cm - oil on canvas

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